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Joe Cabot is a major character and the main antagonist in the film Reservoir Dogs. He was the man who organized the diamond heist. He was also the father of Nice Guy Eddie.


All that was known about Joe Cabot is that in his earlier years, he was himself a gangster who did the kinds of jobs that he organized. He was long-time friends with Mr. White and Mr. Blonde. Mr. Pink knew him since Pink was a kid.

Role in the film[]


The robbers were all told by Joe to meet up in the warehouse after the robbery, and to stay there. After the botched diamond heist took place, his reaction was described as "pissed" by his son. He was initially thought by Mr. Pink to have set them up with the cops. To which Mr. White angrily dismissed. Joe doesn't enter the warehouse until the end of the film, which cops nearby were waiting for him so they can then make their move. Joe's instincts told him that Mr. Orange was working for the LAPD, and was about to shoot him until Mr. White pulled a gun on him. Mr. White explained that it couldn't have been Orange who set them up, because he knew him. Nice Guy Eddie then pulled a gun on White, demanding that he lower the gun from his dad, turning the argument into a Mexican standoff. However, Joe shot Mr. Orange anyway. Causing Mr. White to open fire on Joe, killing him. White was then shot by Eddie, who was shot and killed by White as he fell to the ground.

Notable Relationships[]

Nice Guy Eddie[]

Eddie was Joe's only son and successor of the family business. Joe and Eddie's relationship is assumed to have been at least semi-close, given Eddie's reaction to White pulling a gun on him. And his shooting of White after Joe was shot.