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Freddy Newandyke, a.k.a., Mr. Orange, is the main deuteragonist in Reservoir Dogs. He is played by Tim Roth.


Not much is known why he works as an undercover cop. He is friends with Detective Holdaway, whom he went to high school with, and tells him everything he knows about the heist. He is given an amusing anecdote by Holdaway to memorise and tell it to the robbers. He is the person who to the robbers is the "rat", and was involved in the setup for the cops to be there when the diamond heist takes place. He wears a ring, and carries a revolver.

Role in the film[]

After the heist takes place, he rides along with Mr. White and Mr. Brown. When the car crashes, he and Mr. White go to carjack a woman, but Mr. Orange gets shot by her, but then Mr. Orange shoots back, killing her. Fatally wounded, Mr. Orange is in agonising pain when Mr. White is driving them to the warehouse. When in the warehouse, Mr. White tries to calm Mr. Orange down. Mr. Orange pleads to get taken to a hospital, and promises him that he won't tell them anything. He later passes out, and is thought dead by Mr. Pink and Nice Guy Eddie.

He is unconscious for a while, until he sees Marvin Nash about to get burned alive by Mr. Blonde, and shoots Mr. Blonde repeatedly. He talks with Marvin Nash and informs him about cops nearby who won't make their move until Joe Cabot arrives at the warehouse.

When the others arrive back, he says how Mr. Blonde was going to burn Nash alive, who then gets killed by Eddie, then lying, says how Mr. Blonde was going to kill them and make off with the diamonds. Mr. White believes him, but Eddie doesn't and says about the background of Mr. Blonde. Joe comes in and gets the idea that Mr. Orange is working for the LAPD. His proof is his instinct. After a Mexican standoff, he gets shot by Joe Cabot, but still survives, along with Mr. White. While the cops are arriving, Mr. Orange reveals to Mr. White that he's a cop, which makes Mr. White groan, and puts his gun to Mr. Orange's face. When the cops arrive at the warehouse and tells Mr. White not to shoot Mr. Orange, Mr. White shoots him off-camera, who then gets shot by the cops.