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Lawrence "Larry" Dimmick, a.k.a. Mr. White, is the main protagonist in Reservoir Dogs. He is played by Harvey Keitel.


Lawrence "Larry" Dimmick is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers, and is also a big Lee Marvin fan along with Mr. Blonde. He was a thief who worked with a woman named Alabama, who he describes as a "hell of a woman; good little thief." He had a person who used to move ice, but has been imprisoned for 20 years for "bad luck." Four jobs back before the jewel heist, he found out that one of the people he was working with was a rat.

He is good friends with Joe Cabot and his son Nice Guy Eddie. He plans to do the robbery set up by Joe Cabot, and asks him about the plan.

Role in the film[]

Mr. White explains the plan to Mr. Orange, and about the drastic measures to take if necessary. He is responsible for obtaining the diamonds in the back from the manager, along with Mr. Pink.

After escaping the heist with Mr. Orange and Mr. Brown, he kills two police officers while wielding two 9mm pistols. He and Mr. Orange then go on to steal a car. This is where Mr. Orange is shot in the stomach. They return to the hideout where he talks to Mr. Pink about who may have set them up. He leaves with Pink and Eddie, then later returns to see Mr. Blonde shot and killed. He ends up in a confrontation between himself, Joe and Eddie Cabot. They argue over who may be responsible for the set up. Joe is convinced it was Mr. Orange. Mr. White kills Joe and, after being shoot, kills Eddie as well. After being shot by Eddie, he is told by Mr. Orange that he was in fact the rat, which leads Mr. White to kill Mr. Orange, only to be killed by the police who arrived shortly thereafter.