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Eddie Cabot, a.k.a. Nice Guy Eddie, is a major character and the secondary antagonist in the film Reservoir Dogs, portrayed by the late Chris Penn. He is the son of Joe Cabot and is good friends with Mr. Blonde. He has a Hispanic bartender as a friend called Carlos.

Role in the film[]

When arriving to his father's office and seeing Vic Vega, he hugs him, gives him comedic insults and has a playfight with him. He plans to give Vic a job lifting crates, and says about the plan. With Vic wanting to do criminal jobs, Nice Guy Eddie asks Joe about giving him a job as one of the six robbers on a diamond heist, which Vic happily agrees to do.

He is shown talking to someone on his cell phone while he's driving to the warehouse. He talks about the heist going wrong, and says that he doesn't know the fate of the six robbers. He just knows that Mr. Blonde is driving around with cop Marvin Nash in the trunk.

When he arrives at the warehouse, he asks why they're beating up the cop. He argues with them about the heist, and tells them about how he hasn't talked to Joe, but knows that he's pissed about the situation. When he finds out that Mr. Pink stashed the diamonds, he orders Mr. Pink and Mr. White to move the cars away from the warehouse, and get the diamonds, and leaves Mr. Blonde with the cop.

When arriving back to the warehouse, and seeing that Mr. Orange killed Mr. Blonde, he gets teary and kills Marvin Nash. When Mr. Orange lies about why he killed Mr. Blonde, Nice Guy Eddie reveals to Mr. Orange about Vic's backstory and how he doesn't believe with what Mr. Orange just said about him. He shouts at him, and then Joe Cabot comes in and says about Mr. Orange working for the LAPD. Mr. White tries to defend Mr. Orange but when Joe aims his gun at Mr. Orange, Mr. White aims his gun at Joe, and Nice Guy Eddie aims his gun at Mr. White, as a Mexican standoff ensues. After a while, he yells out his last words: "Larry, stop pointing that fucking gun at my dad!", and Joe shoots Mr. Orange, Mr. White shoots both Joe and Nice Guy Eddie, but is still shot by Eddie.


When the budget of the film was smaller, producer Lawrence Bender was going to play Nice Guy Eddie.